Leading Truck Manufacturers

In truck stops, at the docks, in warehouse loading areas, in cafes and bars – the debate continues as to which are the best truck manufacturers. Many owners and drivers are loyal to their favourite badge, purchasing the same brand over and over while other operators like to set up their fleet with a range of vehicles from different manufacturers.

Australia is fortunate to have many of the world’s leading truck manufacturers based here with first rate support and maintenance services.

Kenworth Trucks

For more than 50 years, Kenworth have been making trucks in Australia, specifically to suit the local conditions. Very popular for heavy duty applications including mining and resources, hauling timber, transporting livestock and other haulage requirements. Check out the latest releases.

Hino Trucks

Versatile and efficient, Hino is a name seen everywhere around our cities and regional areas especially for general transport duty. The range extends from light duty models through the versatile medium range up to the heavy duty series. Check out the range.

Mack Trucks

Is there any manufacturer as well known and recognised as a Mack? Originating in the US but also built in Australia, Mack Trucks have been operating our local transport routes for over 100 years and carry all that heavy stuff from coast to coast and through our most remote locations. Read the Mack story.


Manufactured to suit local conditions, Freightliner have been a mainstay of the local truck market since 1989. See what Freightliner have to offer.

Iveco Trucks

In some circles, better known by its former names of International Trucks and International Harvester, Iveco Trucks are manufactured in Melbourne and offer a wide range of highly versatile vehicles. Check out the range.

Mercedes Benz

The passenger vehicles are an icon of the luxury vehicle market and that high standard of German engineering and performance extends to the Mercedes Benz range of trucks. The range extends from the zippy city delivery vans up to long haul heavy duty vehicles. See what Merc has to offer if you’re in the market for a new truck.


With aims to lead the shift to sustainability in the transport industry, Scania has a presence in more than 100 countries. See what stands this brand apart.

Which truck manufacturer is the best? That is a question best left to individual evaluation. For a range of opinions, check out the reviews and comments on truck sale platforms and in online forums.