Leading Car Manufacturers

Many car owners are loyal to a badge or manufacturer while others see a car as a means of transport and make purchase decisions based on other factors. Throughout most of the twentieth century the Australian car market was dominated by the big 2 – Ford and Holden. The debate still rages as to which is the best, fuelled in part by the local motor racing scene.

But with the emergence of Japanese and European manufacturers onto the scene, the choice for buyers is now extremely vast and very competitive.


Toyotas have been seen on Australian roads since the 1960s and have become extremely popular for their reliability, versatility and local dealer and service support network. The Toyota range is wide, offering many passenger models, 4WDs, vans and trucks. Explore the range.


The Lexus is the luxury arm of the Toyota and has become a very popular luxury passenger vehicle.


A Japanese manufacturer which has developed a strong market with their range of wagons and SUVs. The Impreza and Forester models have cult-like followings.


From small city compacts to small to mid-sized SUVs, the Suzuki range has been somewhat associated with a fun, outdoor lifestyle. The nippy hatches have been expanded to include sports styling and power with a more upmarket appeal.


German engineering and precision combined with luxury appointments has allowed Mercedes to remain high on the list of luxury cars for decades. The range has expanded from the traditional sedan to include hatchbacks, all terrain, multiple person vehicles and high performance sports models.


Somewhat akin to the Ford v Holden competition, BMW takes on Mercedes-Benz in the German manufactured luxury vehicle market. The range includes compact coupes, classic sedans, all terrain, tourers and high performance sports models.


Kia Motors is a South Korean car manufacturer which has taken a dominant position in the Australian passenger car market in recent times. The wide range, relatively affordable models and basic offerings make Kia a popular choice for many drivers.

These are just a handful of the great car manufacturers available on the Australian market. Our choices are not associated with any connection to any brands or companies and we highly recommend that you do your research across a wide range of vehicles when deciding which car is right for you. Enjoy your car buying experience!