Cars and Truck

For business and private purposes, cars and trucks are the main means of transport across Australia. Trucks are the vital lifeblood for supply chains, providing essential services to connect industry with consumers. Cars are a practical part of daily life for many and a serious preoccupation for enthusiasts. Whatever your interest in cars and trucks, we’re bringing you information on a range of topics including the best finance options for buying trucks and cars.

Know Your Truck Types

There are a multitude of types of trucks delivering goods and services across our country. Here’s a quick explainer on some of the main types you’ll see on Australian roads.

Leading Truck Manufacturers

In truck stops, at docks, in warehouse loading areas, in cafes and bars – the debate continues as to which are the best truck manufacturers. Many owners and drivers are loyal to their favourite badge. Why? These are some of the most popular and leading manufacturers of trucks.

Tips on Truck Finance

Buying a truck can be as challenging as it is exciting. Deciding on new or used, which manufacturer and model, through a dealer, private seller or at auction – there are many aspects to consider. But in many cases even more important are the decisions to be made around your truck finance. Who to go through, financial projections, ROI, interest rates, repayments and finding the time to do it all while you’re still running your business. Here are some tips to make financing your truck a more streamlined process.

Using a Finance Calculator

Having at least a rough idea of what your monthly repayments will be on your truck finance or car loan before you shake on a purchase deal can be a big advantage. Online finance calculators make that possible but they must be used within the constraints of their functionality.

Understanding Car Finance

Car loan ads flood our screens with offers of ‘low interest loans’ ‘no deposit finance’ and many other enticing claims. So what’s the reality? We explain some of the terminology and give you the lowdown on the different types of finance for both personal and business vehicles.

Defining Car Types

Buying a new car is very exciting and Australians have a wide range of vehicles types to choose from. With the rise in popularity of SUVs, confusion may exist around the difference between different types of cars. We’ll run through some of the popular choices.

Leading Car Manufacturers

Ford v Holden, which is the best car manufacturer? This has been a long-running debate for car enthusiasts and one which will likely never be resolved. But there are many other manufacturers which have a stronghold in the Australian car market and are giving these well-known and much-loved badges a run for their money. Which ones?